25 years Tarot PSychic Experience 

Midnight Psychic Readings

Australia WIde REadings 

After Hours Psychic

4PM -12AM  

 Readings that offer divine guided messages of clarity and insight.

 with hope, clarity and future predictions.

 I love doing readings, helping people find insightful soul guidance on their path.


I'm quickly attuned to you during the call for what needs most to be healed energetically. 

By asking the questions you are most concerned about, from there, 

spirit guides me on what messages will help you move ahead 

Sometimes the messages are not easy. 

I deliver as promptly and kindly as i can. 

If you want more time to explore your issue, best to order 40 minutes or 60 minutes.

 Less than 30 minutes will bring guidance and answers, but only for one or two quick questions. 

    It's more hurried to get alot of information through.


On your call I use a mix of  Tarot,Gypsy and sometimes angel cards with my psychic guidance. 

Best to call with an open energy about what your higher self needs you to know, 

so you can gain the best soul awareness. 


When clients feel tense fear or hold high expectations of a reading, it creates a barrier of energy. 

so try to relax and trust in the reading so i can give you the most clarity. 

  For more information on readings prices etc go to link phonereadings

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