Midnight Psychic Readings 
 Personal Psychic Service 

1pm   - 11pm ~  Same Day  phone readings
 Readings that offer a higher level of consciousness bringing depth and insight.
 Get conscise answers that offer hope clarity and future predictions.
I'm quickly attuned to the person during the call, for what needs most to be healed and explored energetically. 
You bring your questions to the reading, about what you want to know and from there spirit guides me to what you need most about that issue, to move ahead with more peace of mind and a clear heart. 

Sometimes the messages are not easy. I deliver as promptly and kindly as i can. 
If you want more time to explore your issue, best to book 30minutes or 40 minutes.
 Less than 30 minutes is ok and will bring guidance and answers, but
  makes it hurried to get alot of information through.

Please call with an open energy about what your higher self needs you to know you will gain more soul awareness, as we explore your concerns. 

If you want the Best - I am the Best

 'quick fix/fortune telling" thats not my style.  
My readings are Not the usual..

I answer all issues or concerns you want to know -unless it affects another persons free will. 

For more information on readings prices etc go this link readings.php

Strong Predictions and satisfied client reviews
20yrs Experience

I love doing readings, helping people who are ready to find caring insightful guidance 
on their path.

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    AustraliaWide  & International Readings 

The first and original Late night personal psychic service of its kind~ established since 2009  

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