About Midnight  


 My Business Story  

Personal Psychic Service  since 2009

   I began this specific service  for clients who wanted a  psychic available after hours.  
 And was not a ‘psychic line’ with random operators.

I have been a professional psychic tarot reader in business since 2005, but reading since 1998. 

I was reading in another service when the idea to create this in 2009 to create a unique late night personal service for customers.

my unique brand and service is still strong in demand, for my personal experience in predictions.

I personally conduct all readings via phone. I no longer provide email  reading services. 

                                                    My spiritual knowledge is varied, including but not limited to  : 

In-depth,integrated knowledge of Tarot, reading cards, Oracle and Gypsy cards, interpreting  dream symbols, past life messages, Atlantis lifetime, Lemurians, Chakras, Flower essences, use of crystals, Archangels, spiritual love lessons, relationship issues, manifesting, feng shui, Fate, soulmates, Law of attraction manifesting and much more. 

If you have soul spiritual issue or concern,you can be sure i can guide you. 


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