Personal Psychic Service 

   You will only speak with me on my service. 

I began this specific service for clients who wanted a psychic who was available after hours 
 and was not a ‘psychic line’ with random operators.
I created this unique personal psychic service for after hours/ late night customers. 
 the first of its kind to bring quality and personal readings. 

I personally conduct all readings phone and email orders.

  Many have copied- but none are the original.

  My spiritual knowledge are varied, including : 

In-depth,integrated knowledge of Tarot, reading cards, Oracle and Gypsy cards, interpreting  dream symbols, past life messages, Atlantis lifetime, Lemurians, Chakras, Flower essences, use of crystals, Archangels, spiritual love lessons, relationship issues, manifesting, feng shui, Fate, soulmates, Law of attraction manifesting and much more. 

To read is most natural for me, since its a clear part of my soul path. hence, my 20 years exp reading. 

Its what i love and know. I keep evolving as a reader with my skills, so i am a clear channel offering clear guidance for you. 

 "I thought and I have to tell you that you handled it so beautifully. You do a great job of the readings , and I am truly impressed with what comes through for you. And I know you usually reply so promptly" 

Joanne NSW