Can I get my reading today?

 Yes You can!  as a Phone reading. If you call between 1pm- 10pm Eastern Time (melbourne ) 

 (last call by 10pm)  you can have your personal reading and questions answered. Same day service. (mostly).   

 How do you do the readings ?

Each reading is different with each client. not all methods i use will apply for all people. I use both cards and clairvoyance with my readings. as well as gypsy or oracle cards. the cards give me a clearer picture of what is around you and coming up. spirit will also show me psychically added information i may need.

its best to have a quiet space away from noise, so i can connect clearly with you.

 Can i ask Questions in my readings?

 Yes! questions are welcome. General readings are too vague for me to be specific and focus. 

 its your time and your money so we focus on your questions.  the clearer the issue- the easier it is for me to connect and receive guidance.  Also for time depending on block of time booked. 

Questions phrased this way are ideal:

  'so my boss is not nice and hasnt offered me the promotion, is it best  to stay or move on?'

this tell me enough to focus, but not enough that its too revealing.

 Can i  see you in person? 

I'm not taking face to face sessions at this time. I may resume in near future.
For me to access all clients that want readings,the phone is the easiest and most efficient for me to read and my schedule.  
However phone and email readings are just as valid, as i am reading the energy - not the person. 

 Are your readings just as good via phone as email ? 

 Yes! In fact much clearer and accurate since i am not distracted by the visual of you in front of me.   

  I can tune in and listen to spirit and focus on what they show me about you and your questions.
 Also the added benefit is you can get your reading anytime in any location you are in or comfort of you own home or office  (even your car) without the hassel of driving to find the the location. 

Can you connect and talk to my deceased or passed on relatives and loved ones? 

Although i do speak with spirit in my readings, i am not able to specifically call on a particular deceased person. this is more' mediumship' type pf reading and i dont not classify myself as a 'medium'.

Remember : All mediums are psychics - Not all psychics are mediums 

Do you have other payment methods than credit card or paypal?

Yes! Of course.You can  also pay using EFT online transfer. you need to contact me first to do so and then send me an email of the screen shot of the payment made and then we can proceed.  

How accurate are you? 

Please see my Reviews page reviews.php as they speak for themselves. from very happy satisfied customers.

I do not promise accuracy- however my predictions come true for most clients as i am simply channeling and offering the insight i am being shown from spirit and passing it on.

what you do with that info can alter the course of the events and outcomes You have free will and choice.

 I live overseas ~ can i still have a reading with you?

Absolutely! i have many clients worldwide from Asia to Europe, USA and even as far as Tanzania!

the easiest way if you are international is email reading.

however if you want a phone reading we can do that via phone or skype at a suitable time in between our time zones 

 How expereineced are you? 

I have been in business for 10 years. reading for more than 23 years. I have read at numerous events, functions, private and person to person. Dealing with a range of sensitive and private information. Know there is nothing i have not heard or read for. I am truly experienced for your questions and soul guidance.