This unique love deck, unlike any other love deck on market today!

  Offering you simple easy answers and insights to your important and personal questions on love. 

  In your life and heart....
 Each deck 30 love cards and messages  with A5 book on card meanings..and easy tips to use spreads..
..easy and simple to use

the card size are the same size as tarot card, but very easy to handle and shuffle~

"Hi, I looove your cards, they're very different from other traditional cards. They're really direct & spot on with their outcomes.  Thank You So Very Much! your cards, they're beautiful ;)
 beautiful and simple love deck-   scroll down page to order yours                                                                                                                    

French Vintage Stamp Love Deck

$ 45.00 USD

30 cards with messages of love including, *reunion, Chance * Reunion* *Together forever and much more. 

includes A5 booklet and complimentary organza bag. price includes shipping worldwide