Love Triangle   

Sometimes clients are those in a love triangle. 
it’s not my business what love connections people share.
I dont judge but i know plenty of readers will, or decide not look at the three of you, based on ethics as a reader.  

It can become a little bit like 'psychic spying', and that is true,  i don’t like doing that, but i will only see information the client is meant to know. any more than that is off limits, spirit will block me to show any more info.

A triangle of love will often create some tensions and anxieties -usually for the one who is single.
such as:  will the attached person commit or will the other persons partner move on or end things etc.
The one attached, will be worried and anxious about losing you -the lifeline of feeling happy again- from the current relationship they have.

Since all triangles have various purposes and reasons for the connection its not one size fits all approach. 
one client was with a man who had a partner who was in care and he stayed with the wife out of guilt and had to tend to family matters he was required to maintain. the way it was explained to me, seemed reasonable, but its not for me to judge.  I just tune in and see what guidance comes up to help you.

there are many reasons people do what they do.

if you are in a love triangle -and you are the single one,you will at times feel the most anxious and stressed.

the easiest way to manage feelings of frustration and impatience is
* make peace with where you are. 
* the feeling of 'waiting' will make you feel that you have no control. so view the connection as a way of serving you in your life right now.
find the benefits of what you have-the way it is. 
* you are likely to be the positive emotional outlet for the attached person. so make the time together fun and easy going.

you may need to ask yourself - daily or weekly - am i choosing this person and this love right now?" if the answer is yes then you’re taking responsibility for being with them in this connection.
at any point it’s not right for you -you can make a new choice. 
If you wait or hope the other person hurries or makes a different choice then you’re living with your heart in their hands. And that can only cause you potential heartache.

finally, often those who attract or connect with someone unavailable, may be experiencing a time in their life where they don’t feel they deserve full committed love, or are afraid of getting close or losing their personal freedom.

it’s a relationship that you are learning alot about yourself. It’s shown up in your path for a reason, so embrace it for the here and now. wherever it may take you.

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