Psychic Vs Tarot reading 

Card Readers Psychics and both. 

There is little difference in the style of readings. Its all energy, that the reader is connecting to.

Tarot Card readers 

some can be simply reading ONLY the cards. These readings can be insightful with guidance and answers. 

The skill how well they interpret and know their cards and the combinations they can provide in regarding your issue or query will highly influence the accuracy (or not) of the reading.

These readers are soley reading what the cards say and nothing else.

Some card readers advertise they aren’t psychic and only read cards. Other readers may not disclose.

The next is: Both 
readers who are both  psychic AND reading the cards. (which is what i am). 

I’m also listening and seeing messages through the reading and the energy with the client. 

The cards for me will often fill in the details of where  their path is taking them next or specific obstacles they need to overcome or are facing. the cards can join the dots of the story unfolding to make the reading a more efficient process for me to predict of outcomes. 

There is also the psychic who uses No tools, such as cards or crystals. and simply their psychic vision and skill.  So when you visit with the reader, they just sit across form you and meditate and then share guided messages they have for you.

Most readers will have more than one skill in their readings.
There are so many forms of readings in the market place. There is no right or wrong reading. It can depend on what you are looking for and the answers you’re seeking.

Some clients have had negative experiences with tarot and the client ends up telling me : it was the delivery of the reader or how the message came up in the cards that made them feel the tarot might not have been positive. however after reading with me they usually find it more positive experience. 

So don’t let a negative reader or experience put you off.

You may find the answers and guidance you need it in an unexpected style of reader or healer.

Over 20 years, as a professional reader and student of tarot and psychic energy, i have experienced many healers and readers styles and methods.  

As student in my early years, i also studied and developed my skills, long before the internet, so I had time to learn and develop and integrate my knowledge.

However with all the online information today and the ability to easily get lost in other readers opinions and styles. its easy to see how the new readers can miss important messages  to clients or deliver guidance inappropriately.  

 The market is now flooded with alot of new and inexperienced readers also.

It’s not just the guidance that the reading brings, but the knowledge and wisdom of  responsibility that comes with handling information to the client. 

It requires maturity, experiences and sensitivity.

Yet i also know more 'mature' readers that have little 'tact' in their session with the client. Delivering guidance with some negative input or responses.

Developing intuition, working with my guides and practicing the tarot. Is something to be deeply understood and developed over time.

 It’s important for you, to find a reader that 'feels' right to you.  

This can be done by how you feel  and their energy when you call to enquire about their services

Either way, whatever experience you encounter- positive or negative, just trust you will attract the service you need that is right for you at this time. 

Sometimes the 'wrong' reading, show us what we truly believe for yourself - despite any reader says.

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