Order Phone & Email Psychic readings

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Here you can order an email reading or a phone reading via paypal (also using credit card).  

Same day reading service applies for phone readings, Phone readings take place between 1pm to 10pm  to ensure you get your reading same day- its best to order within those hours.

below the phone readings have an added processing fee included in price. 

 the email orders take at least 2-3 days –depending on the email order you have chosen.

 An email confirmation will be sent following up your online order  for your email reading.

x2 Question Email reading

$ 35.00 AUD

This Email reading order is perfect for recieving guidance on more than just one issue.

 *various decks may be used to gain insights and answers, tarot, angel cards, oracle cards lenormand. 

send x2 questions, (specific as possible)- your name date of birth and any other person first name you may be asking about.

send your order details and question to midnightpsychic@gmail.com

 Please allow up to 3 days to receive your email order. 


Romance Angel card reading

$ 28.00 AUD

x3 Romance Angel reading

I pull 3 cards from romance angel deck, in response to your relationship issue.  

*other oracle angel love cards( than pictured)  can be used if you prefer. please mention when you order. 

send your question and recieve your email within 3 days of order-if not sooner.!

After you place your order email your question and details to 




Tarot Card x2

$ 22.00 AUD

x2 Tarot Card Reading

For any query you want to ask about. a brief insightful look at what the cards reveal about your question or topic.

this can reveal the direction to take or how to approach the issue.  after you place your order email me midnightpsychic@gmail.com 

 Please allow up to 3-5 days for your order.  



Soul Purpose Angel Reading

$ 33.00 AUD

3x card angel reading on your life purpose/career changes any query around your  soul purpose. We can even reveal what it might be. the angel cards will uncover messages on which direction to take.

email your life path question to midnightpsychic@gmail.com


1 hour phone reading

$ 130.00 AUD

  One hour phone reading session. using both psychic guidance and a mix of cards on the call.  giving you plenty of time to explore and cover questions or just one topic in depth this reading is best booked in advance by at least a few hours or a day ahead. 

* this must be complete in one  call.

 after you place your order email me to arrange a time for the call.  midnigtpsychic@gmail.com


20mts phone reading

$ 68.00 AUD

Psychic phone reading with me while i also use a mix of card decks best for brief x2 questions. email me after your order to arrange a time midnightpsychic@gmail.com

30mts phone

$ 90.00 AUD

* most popular **

Phone psychic reading with me -as i use mix of cards on the call also. its the best block of time to order it allows enough time to get important messages and guidance.

questions welcome for you to ask in the call.

 email me midnightpsychic@gmail.com or call to arrange a time 

same day is usually available- depending on when i get your order. or just sms me. 


40mts phone

$ 112.00 AUD

Psychic phone reading with me using mix of cards.

an Ideal session to give you more time to explore issues in your life.

after your order email midnightpsychic@gmail.com  to arrange a time. same day is possible.


Distant Love Healing

$ 30.00 AUD

this is a focused channel love healing between you and your loved one. I mediate for minimum of an hour.        

 I look for any issues that hold you both back and channel healing light that will help bring you both together.

*please note i do not promise you will reunite with your lover or ex. however this healing can help shift energy-to free up opportunity for change.

email me your name and other persons first name and issues or reason for this healing. midnightpsychic@gmail.com