Midnight Psychic 
                                      After Hours Personal psychic reading service 

                                                         4pm - 11pm

                                                                        *~ Readings available over xmas and new year holiday


    Readings  via Credit/Debit Card 

Nightly readings  - 7 day service

1300 886 981  

Order in Blocks of time 

 when you call - just mention the block you want for your reading. 
shorter is cheaper but longer blocks allow more time to explore questions.
Best blocks to order are 20mts and 30mts for me to offer you best insights.
*All Readings conducted on Australia Public holidays incur a 10% surcharge

             20 mts      66.00     best for 2 important questions 
              30 mts      88.00      best block to explore 2 or 3 questions
              40 mts      99.00      in depth time to explore your questions
Soulmate /True Love Reading 95.00
Discover the energy, the soul purpose and destiny you both share and how to understand your love. Discover what your destiny together is.
40minutes. call or email your soulmate reading request, to midnightpsychic@gmail.com 

        PLEASE NOTE As the customer, it is your responsibility to observe the time during the reading session.               

Any time over the booked time, will be charged additional @ $1.00per minute each minute thereafter* either/or charged the difference of the next block of time *applies credit card only

Premium Phoneline readings

               1902 280 930 (billed to your phone bill)

 call cost is $3.85 per minute (inclusive of GST). Mobile extra

(higher rate for calls from payphones and mobile phones) 

 available to Australian Residents only  

Only me on this line. no random operators. 

just my personal service to you  

   Soul awareness :

 *What love is teaching your soul 

*How your love together can you heal each other

*How this love relationship will manifest in the future 

 A psychic reading with me can guide you 

 * What the challenge is  ~  Why it is showing up 

 * What the Angels and spirit messages for you   

Ph : 1902 280 930 @  $3.85 p/m  

All Readings are Spiritual Guidance Only. 

Midnight Psychic is not qualified to give medical or legal advice