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I had given up on getting into grad school, but when you told me to believe that my dream school would come to me.The same day I received my reading my dream grad school called me and admitted me to their program!  You definately have a gift!" By Kaitlyn. USA

"Wow thanks! What you said about my mother and the things that have been happening are so accurate not even she believed me. And with my daughter she seen a specialist yesterday about her legs and they said she doesn’t need an operation so you were right again thank you so much for that." By Donna. Vic 

"Midnight psychic is very good, I have used her over and over and will continue to. She is kind, compassionate and knows what she is doing.

The new year reading for 2016 was so amazing. its so in tune with the plans i am making already. thank-you for your guidance and answers. I will definately contact you again, April. G. QLD

Thank you so much. It was very nice talking to you. You have made things a lot clearer for me. Thank you once again for your insightful reading- m. mirenzi 

she is a very kind reader. She is also very generous with her time and energy. She went above and beyond for me. I look forward to speaking with her more and would recommend her services to others. posted on Dec 8, by Kevin Smith

I just wanted to let you know that I really used the information you had given me and when you said you physically saw the key in the garden near where the car was parked YOU WAS SPOT ON!! I may have only found it Monday 5 days after I had lost it but you gave me hope you are truly amazing..
Thank you defiantly will go on your Web page and leave positive feed back for you – Lesley NSW 

hi, I wanted to thank you for your openness and generosity with last night's reading. You covered such a lot and helped me a great deal.  Also thanks for the links and pics l found in this mornings emails.  They were good and meaningful cards it was nice to see them. Judi G.

You were right. my last reading with you - said i would hear from someone i had an argument with and that i would find a place in 2 weeks. and i thought that was a bit soon. but i did!. thank-you Rachel 

I am not sure if what you said to me last night will come true - only time will tell if my ship will come sailing towards me instead of away from me however what I did want to say is thank you for your very comforting approach.  You acted like a wonderful friend whom I have known for years rather than a complete stranger at the end of the phone. 

Once again thank-you for your kindness, it won't go unforgotten. Vanessa xx   (Jan 2014 )

Thank you again for this great reading.  I feel a connection with you and 
will contact you again very soon for another reading.  I have a strong feeling the time is right for this now. Talk soon.   Judie

 I would like to thank you for the great advice and insight you have given me into my relationship and love life. I now understand what I really need to know instead of just following my fears.   Instead of just telling me something that is going to happen in future, you told me why and how I could assist it happening. I have also now received a love in my life that you told me would be forthcoming.       
Thank you for getting me through a troublesome time in my life.   By Stephanie NZ 

 Thank you for the reading today. Was very pleasant. I hope things will come along as you predicted. You were very sure about the future of this relationship, and this surprised me a lot. We will see how things will go and we will have another reading in the future.  Barbara. E. 

 Thank you for the reading, you have put a lot of time into it and i am very grateful.I particularly like that you sent me suggestions on how to make my life better/help me to cope. I also look forward to receiving your newsletters. I am glad you were sent my way. with love. Gayle .

  Thank you Always awesome to talking with you. I’m so sorry I couldn’t say Thank you over the phone. I tried to contact back but you became busy!  Call her, you won’t be disappointed. She is the best :) Kylie USA

Omg! I did think of a question first but didn't want to write it lol I actually started writing it but then deleted it haha and by saying a Lill boy answered it :))) Your amazing  xx thank you :))

 "Spot on! you described my work colleagues,exactly! ,and you told me about them only by telling  you their first name. By the way, your guidance on my work/career choices has given me greater confidence. thanks again"  K.Walters S.A

 "You said i would hear from my Ex ,and i did ! Just the way you predicted. thank you! " V. NSW

"Just to let you know we needed to move and soon! wen i called you first time- you saw it taking longer about a months time- and now we have an amazing home. And the timeframe you gave was spot on.Amazing!" R.B & Family 

"Insightful,Caring and helpful. I wasnt sure about my love relationship,but she helped me see what soul purpose and issues were betwen us. this has given me more clarity on what i now need to do. Will be back again. thanks!"   By Chris. L.  QLD

'Good help, accurate. trustworthy!!!!   M.S.  Melbourne

" Thank-you! Your guidance in my buisness issues,has been amazing.You were right! i got the contract i was waiting on." Rod.G. NSW 

"I have called you three times and  hit things right on the head.Your  amazingly accurate and awesome at easing my stresses. Thank-you for the great guidance and insight. I will call you again and again. Thanks so much! "  D. Longview             

I thought and I have to tell you that you handled it so beautifully.  You do a great job of the readings , and I am truly impressed with what comes through for you. And I know you usually reply so promptly with emails!!"  Joanne  

"Wow thanks! What you said about my mother and the things that have been happening are so accurate not even she believed me. And with my daughter she seen a specialist yesterday about he legs and they said she doesn’t need an operation so you were right again thank you so much for that." By Donna. Vic 

This kitty means everything to my son and she told us that we would find a young dark haired male vet kind of thirtyish and that he would be close by. We just about dropped our jaws when we walked into this vets office. He was everything she described and close by. We are very thankful to her because this vet is giving us hope for Doris.Blessings to you"   Debra.W USA 

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